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If your home has Chinese Drywall, it must be remediated.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is Chinese Drywall?

Chinese Drywall has been a top news story for the past couple years. It has caused emotional trauma and financial disaster to homeowners. Information on Chinese Drywall has bombarded the public from a variety of sources: the news media, attorneys, realtors as well as a growing list of salesmen touting Chinese Drywall-sniffing dogs, top secret paint coverings and a myriad of other confusing products, claims and services.

What is Chinese Drywall?

The term "Chinese Drywall" refers specifically to drywall imported from China in the years 2001 and 2007. Chinese Drywall is also sometimes referred to as "Contaminated Drywall" or "Tainted Drywall."

Reduced sulfurs and components of Strontium are present in Chinese Drywall and, over time, exacerbated by heat and humidity, the Chinese Drywall releases gases that cause corrosion of copper. Chinese Drywall is also very friable, which means that it is in a state where small particles can easily become dislodged with friction. These small particles cause respiratory problems when they enter the lungs. Small particles of Chinese Drywall may also remain in a home after removal of all installed Chinese Drywall.

Chinese Drywall has been used by general contractors for construction, particularly home building. Chinese Drywall may be used in combination with U.S.-made drywall that is free of defect, complicating the issue of detection. The proliferation of Chinese Drywall is particularly problematic across the Southeast, where supplies of American-made drywall ran low during the construction boom in the early 2000. Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina are highly impacted. Imports were priced right, available and used with no analysis or guarantee of product quality.


  1. I like your blog.For my new home i want drywall.So please tell me more about the drywall and also which tell me which one is good for my home.

  2. Thank you so much for explaining what Chinese drywall is exactly. I had heard the term being used a lot but I wasn't quite sure on what it was exactly. I love your blog and the details you give on Chinese drywall.

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