Lawsuits and consumer complaints do not address the critical issue.

If your home has Chinese Drywall, it must be remediated.

CAG: Chinese Drywall Solved

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Can just a little Chinese Drywall cause symptoms?

This is a varying problem. Sometimes a little Chinese Drywall causes big symptoms. Sometimes lots of Chinese Drywall causes only minor symptoms. The measurable effects of Chinese Drywall are determined by where the Chinese Drywall is installed in the home, the ventilation and airflow.

If the Drywall is installed around an HVAC system, the reduced sulfur gases can be spread more efficiently throughout the home.

If some portions of the house have symptoms but not others, the tainted Drywall might only be in the location of the symptoms. It is possible for one room of a home to be completely finished with Chinese Drywall, and the ceiling of another room to have only one sheet.

A thorough visual, and destructive, if needed, inspection of the home will reveal the extent of Chinese Drywall installed, no matter how pervasive or elusive the symptoms.


  1. Thanks for the post. What is the best way to determine if there is Chinese drywall in my home? Is there a way to tell before it gets out of control?

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  3. Wow, it is good to know about this Chinese drywall. I had never even heard of it before today. It is good to know about it just in case I even have a problem with it.

    Alena |

  4. Is Chinese drywall the best way to go about getting your walls together? I would like to know, I'll be finishing my basement this summer and I would really like to know how to get the walls looking nice.

    Jim Tracy |