Lawsuits and consumer complaints do not address the critical issue.

If your home has Chinese Drywall, it must be remediated.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Can just a little Chinese Drywall cause symptoms?

This is a varying problem. Sometimes a little Chinese Drywall causes big symptoms. Sometimes lots of Chinese Drywall causes only minor symptoms. The measurable effects of Chinese Drywall are determined by where the Chinese Drywall is installed in the home, the ventilation and airflow.

If the Drywall is installed around an HVAC system, the reduced sulfur gases can be spread more efficiently throughout the home.

If some portions of the house have symptoms but not others, the tainted Drywall might only be in the location of the symptoms. It is possible for one room of a home to be completely finished with Chinese Drywall, and the ceiling of another room to have only one sheet.

A thorough visual, and destructive, if needed, inspection of the home will reveal the extent of Chinese Drywall installed, no matter how pervasive or elusive the symptoms.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who you gonna call?

Bad drywall causing Lehigh family problems -, news, sports, Florida info, Lehigh Acres Citizen

Homeowners in this type of dilemna MUST contact a knowledgeable, third party professional who will inspect, test and provide documentation to support negotiations with contractors, insurance companies and others.

This story makes us sad and frustrated.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Homeowners in Crisis over Chinese Drywall

Lake Ashton Community Residents Decry Lakeland Developer Over Drywall |

Homeowners need remedies and resources. This is a story that will be repeated hundreds of times over until the Chinese Drywall is removed from every home, office and public building, and safely disposed of.

How do I know if I have Chinese Drywall?

There are various methods of determining if the drywall installed in your home is from the problematic Chinese sources.

The much-publicized "rotten egg" smell is the result of reduced sulfur gases from Chinese Drywall being emitted into the air. The gases are trapped inside a structure - your home - and the odor becomes persistent. The smell of "rotten eggs" varies greatly from affected home to home, however. People also have varying sensitivities to the odor. The strength of the sulphurous odor is determined by how much drywall is used in the home.

Significantly, some homeowners report no odor, but have been found to have significant quantities of Chinese Drywall.

The gases emitted by Chinese Drywall corrode copper: electrical wiring, HVAC systems, plumbing and other metallic surfaces. A visual inspection will reveal the destructive effects of Chinese Drywall.

Chinese Drywall can also be identified with a visual inspection by a qualified building inspector. Chinese Drywall has labels, markings, color and physical characteristics - like thickness - that clearly and conclusively indicate its source. Sometimes Chinese Drywall is used sporadically throughout a home: one or two sheets in a ceiling, a section of closet walls or intermingled liberally with non-problematic drywall. In South Florida, many homes were built with mixed lots of Chinese Drywall and safe, non-sulphur gas producing American drywall.

There are two levels of inspection for drywall, a non-destructive visual inspection, and a destructive inspection that requires making holes and taking samples.

In most cases, a visual inspection and minor destructive-inspection is all that is required to confirm or dispel the presence of Chinese Drywall. Air quality tests and other expensive laboratory investigations are seldom truly necessary, and they are expensive.

The first step: a thorough assessment of your home's risk for Chinese Drywall, is a modest investment in peace of mind and financial security.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is Chinese Drywall?

Chinese Drywall has been a top news story for the past couple years. It has caused emotional trauma and financial disaster to homeowners. Information on Chinese Drywall has bombarded the public from a variety of sources: the news media, attorneys, realtors as well as a growing list of salesmen touting Chinese Drywall-sniffing dogs, top secret paint coverings and a myriad of other confusing products, claims and services.

What is Chinese Drywall?

The term "Chinese Drywall" refers specifically to drywall imported from China in the years 2001 and 2007. Chinese Drywall is also sometimes referred to as "Contaminated Drywall" or "Tainted Drywall."

Reduced sulfurs and components of Strontium are present in Chinese Drywall and, over time, exacerbated by heat and humidity, the Chinese Drywall releases gases that cause corrosion of copper. Chinese Drywall is also very friable, which means that it is in a state where small particles can easily become dislodged with friction. These small particles cause respiratory problems when they enter the lungs. Small particles of Chinese Drywall may also remain in a home after removal of all installed Chinese Drywall.

Chinese Drywall has been used by general contractors for construction, particularly home building. Chinese Drywall may be used in combination with U.S.-made drywall that is free of defect, complicating the issue of detection. The proliferation of Chinese Drywall is particularly problematic across the Southeast, where supplies of American-made drywall ran low during the construction boom in the early 2000. Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina are highly impacted. Imports were priced right, available and used with no analysis or guarantee of product quality.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Interim Chinese Drywall Identification Guidance

InterimIDGuidance012810.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Interim Guide for Identification of Homes with Chinese Drywall

Government guidelines and protocols are slowly falling into place.

From : the story of two families

Two Baton Rouge families. Two remediation choices. The decision is highly personal, driven by the extent of your Chinese Drywall exposure, you finances and your expectations for the outcome.

It is important for homeowners to explore all their options, ask questions, and understand the outcomes.